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EA and Origin games removed from the Humble Store

The practice of digital storefronts losing or removing games is nothing new. Other news of this kind came out this year when Nintendo announced they would shut down the Wii U and 3DS eShops in 2023. Humble Store is a third-party service that offers gamers the chance to buy games and support charity.  The service has been hit with some controversy over time, such as radically changing prices and reducing the quality of games on offer. But now, the storefront has seemingly removed a bunch of EA games.

According to Humble’s post, the games were removed a full week ago from the time of this writing, on March 4. For now, the games affected by this removal will remain on the store, but not for long. Keep reading to figure out what you can do.

This news though, suggests something more than just old games being removed. Electronic Arts has been pushing to try and make Origin a thing for years. The Steam competitor was destined for the dust bin, as it just didn’t have the game coverage to compete. EA eventually gave up on that plan in 2020, as most people avoided Origin. EA opted to push a new app instead. EA described its new app as a “next-generation PC gaming platform.” Using the EA Desktop app, players can subscribe to EA’s game’s subscription services, EA Play and EA Play Pro.

It would seem that the push away from Origin is finally complete as Electronic Arts is just cleaning up the remnants of the name from other services. And it would also seem that EA is removing games from other storefronts as well, in a bid to have tighter control over their properties. So that means their games are about to disappear from the Humble Store. This will complete on March 18th, when the EA and Origin games are removed from the Humble Store. You have until then to claim these keys.

The best way to do this is to head to and login to your account. There’s an option on the menu to “Hide redeemed keys & entitlements“. Check that to hide any keys or codes you have already dealt with. You can then claim the remaining keys if you wish.

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