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Metal Wolf Chaos XD gets release date and new trailer

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

So a new HD remake is coming out next month, and it’s a FromSoftware game, but not one you’re expecting. Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a full HD remake of a mech action game that was exclusive to the Xbox. The game never saw a wider release outside of Japan, and is only just now coming back into the limelight after 15 years.

The game is a bit of an oddity, and it’s hard to see why FromSoftware would wait 15 years to unleash this crazy mixture of mecha action and absurd satire once again. The original that came out in 2004 was exclusive to Japan, and FromSoftware has seemingly tried to put as much between themselves and this game as they could.

The story is, for lack of a better word, insane. In the 2004 action title, you played as the President of the United States piloting a giant mech to fight off a massive military coup orchestrated by rogue elements of the administration led by the Vice President, Richard Hawk. If you wanted Armored Core with lots of absurdist takes on patriotism and nationalism, this is the game for you. The completely campy voice acting, crazy writing and total nonsense is just a wonderful sight.

Seriously, the game opens with the President literally exploding out of the White House and shouting “OK, Let’s Party!”. What more could you want?

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Metal Wolf Chaos XD will hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 6th. And you can see the latest gameplay trailer released for the title down below.

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