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Rainbow Six Quarantine is launching early next year

Rainbow Six Quarantine

Ubisoft has kicked off an exciting round of speculation within the Rainbow Six fanbase over the new announcement of the newest spin-off to the FPS Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Quarantine. Rainbow Six Quarantine offers plenty of new content and some old faces that fans know and love.

Rainbow Six Quarantine stars many of the operators you know and love from the latest mainline game. The gameplay centers around a 3-player PvE co-op game with all the shooting and ability-based combat fun. We’ve seen Vigil and Ela in action in trailers for the game, and we can expect several more ops to show up as well. and because they needed something extra special, Rainbow Six Quarantine will have aliens, because why not.

Check out both of the trailers for the new content down below. Take a glance at the official page for more.

In this first trailer, we see all the pertinent details of the new expansion. Ubisoft unveiled the sci-fi mixed shooter at E3, showing off a much more spooky focus on the tactical gameplay fans of the franchise will know well. Gunplay and gadgets will be a very big part of the gameplay loop, but the theme is much more scary than the base game.

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Ubisoft is playing pretty tight-lipped with the story though, and it will be interesting to see how the narrative develops throughout runs with you and your friends. Some players may be relieved to see the gory and spooky elements return to the series after Ubisoft purged them from Siege.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is due out in Q1 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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