How to become a Clown in BitLife

How to Complete the Joker Challenge in BitLife

This week we’re getting a new challenge in BitLife We’re becoming clowns, and not the funny laugh-inducing type. We’re trying to be more of the insane supervillain type. Last week we had another DC-themed challenge with becoming Batman in the Dark Knight challenge, now we’re on the other side of the law with the Joker Challenge in BitLife. This one’s pretty complex as well, as you need to complete a few very difficult tasks to get through the challenge.

The Joker Challenge in BitLife is a bizarre one, indeed, and it has some very strange requirements. For one thing, you need to become a literal clown. And that’s just the first step. Keep reading to see what options you have for completing this process.

How to become a Clown in BitLife

To become a clown in BitLife, you must get the job to randomly appear in the Jobs menu. When you go to look for a job, pick the options to see the full list of full-time careers out there. Each in-game year, you get a random list of jobs to apply for. Some require University or advanced degrees, others are more menial.

The problem with this challenge is that the list is a bit too random. The job for a clown takes forever to come up sometimes. And the only way to refresh the list is to age up, or reset the app. Unlike most jobs, the clown job in BitLife barely shows up on the list. You just have to keep refreshing the app to see what you get.

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One of the most annoying parts of this is becoming a clown. There’s no real way to force this, but there does seem to be a bit of tilting in the player’s favor. So just keep resetting the app entirely, and it should eventually come up if you’re lucky. Aging up is a last resort, as it gives you less time to get the other steps fo the challenge done.

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