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“Glass Cannons” Part 2: Blighted Weapons


As previewed in CCP Fozzie’s section of the EVE Vegas keynote, “glass cannons” are coming to EVE. They’ve received their formal name, “Blighted” weapons, and have earned a dev post in the Test Server Feedback forum by CCP Paradox. Just as Fozzie promised, they’re weapons with a bit more hitting power; in exchange, when fitted, they lower a ship’s resistances to zero.

Seeded on SiSi as of today are twelve new modules, reproduced below. (Note: CCP is considering using a different descriptor than “Blighted”.)

Small Sized

Blighted Small Pulse Laser
Blighted Light Neutron Blaster
Blighted 200mm AutoCannon
Blighted Rocket Launcher

Medium Sized

Blighted Heavy Pulse Laser
Blighted Heavy Neutron Blaster
Blighted 425mm AutoCannon
Blighted Heavy Assault Missile Launcher

Large Sized

Blighted Mega Pulse Laser
Blighted Neutron Blaster Cannon
Blighted 800mm Repeating Cannon
Blighted Torpedo Launcher

Presently, as the weapons appear on SiSi, the consensus is that they likely won’t be worth the price apart from a few edge cases.

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