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PlayStation 5 – Play Has No Limits Trailer

PlayStation 5 – Play Has No Limits Trailer

The newest dramatic trailer for the PlayStation 5 shows off some of the specs, but also does that typical commercial thing of dramatizing everything. Feeling very 5 Gum, Sony has released the Play Has No Limits Trailer that promotes its new console. The new PS5 is storming in to compete with the Switch and Xbox Series X, and it’s bringing some very notable big guns in terms of tech.

Since the PlayStation 5 will feature a custom-built 825GB SSD and a compression chip that’s entirely unique to the console, there will be a major loading time advantage over regular SSDs and a huge leap over the current consoles. Console load times may well be a thing of the past in 2021 and beyond. The PlayStation 5 also has a semi-custom 7nm AMD Zen 2 CPU that gives it tons of graphical and processing power. Being an APU, there has been some suspicion around performance numbers, but Sony came prepared.

Sony claims that thanks to the APU and the 16 GB of shared GRRD6 SDRAM, there will be a theoretical memory bandwidth of 448 GB/s to play with. THis will also be supported by almost complete backward compatibility with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR catalog.

Sony has also revealed that they’re taking a page from Microsoft’s book and releasing two models of the PS5. The main system will sport an Ultra HD Blu-ray compatible optical disc drive for both games and other media. There will be slightly cheaper variant for those who wish to use all-digital games, as it lacks a disc drive. Although it’s kind of a shame that it only has such a small amount of usable space on the digital version. With games commonly going north of 100 GB in size, you better have a fast connection and no bandwidth caps if you want the cheaper PS5, because you’re going to be deleting and re-downloading games a lot.

Check out the first TV teaser trailer for the game system down below.


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