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Doom 64 has bloody new trailer

Doom 64 gets an official and brutal trailer

Bethesda has been steadily working on various elements and new games within the DOOM franchise, preparing some new offerings on the altar of blood that is the legendary shooter series of games and other creative properties. DOOM as a set has been getting quite the revival in recent months, with various projects including this one in the works. Bethesda has also previously announced a re-release of DoomDoom 2, and Doom 3 for Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

DOOM 64 in particular is a rather unique take for the shooter franchise, as it’s basically a remake of the original classic. Doom 64 will launch aside Doom Eternal bringing a new version of the classic game back to life for one last fight.  The inclusion of it as a paired release will hopefully bring the games that helped kickstart the shooter genre to a new generation, so it’s a good call on the part of Bethesda. DOOM 64 isn’t a straight remake of the first game though, as it’s actually based on the Nintendo 64 release are the same as the original game. That version improved upon the original, offering performance and gameplay improvements aplenty.

With the launch of a new trailer, Bethesda is showcasing the updated visuals set to the tune of Mick Gordon’s Doom 2016 soundtrack.  It’s a pretty snazy trailer that the developers have unleashed, featuring really stunningly detailed visuals. We also get a preview of the story, and it’s a very standard DOOM affair.  In DOOM 64, you take the role of the last survivor of a Marine strike force sent to clear out the remaining hell spawn. This version includes all the extra content and new levels from the N64 version, so that means PC players will finally get to play through that content in a full DOOM experience.

So at least we have some more gameplay footage to sink our teeth into as fans, but there’s still a rather wrong wait to sit through before actually playing. DOOM 64 will release on PC on March 20, 2020. You can get it either as a standalone game or as a paired release with the upcoming DOOM Eternal.

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