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How to get Gyromag Systems in Warframe

Nightwave Season 3 “Glassmaker”

Gyromag Systems in Warframe is a crafting element that is very useful for a bunch of recipes. The item is primarily used for Amp crafting, making it pretty important. The component is found via Heist Bounties that are available as part of the various bounties for the Vox Solaris Syndicate on Fortuna. From taking the Heist Bounty your task is to take on the Old Mother. When you complete your mission, Gyromag Systems are a Common reward that can drop.

The mission is unlocked once you reach the rank of Old Mate with Solaris United. This unlocks the secret room near the back of the city that has Eudico inside of it. This quest chain is called the Profit Taker Heist, and it has multiple missions involved. The easiest one to complete is the second phase where you’re trying to steal the harmonic schema for the Profit Taker’s shield.

The quest itself involves heading to the Enrichment Labs out in Orb Valis and going to the lowest floor. Once there, your targets are three Corpus Directors who guard the secrets. The Directors spawn in sequence and you have to kill the first one to get the second one to spawn and so on. The first one will spawn in the lowest level in the security room, usually located off by itself in a dead-end branch of the facility. The next Director will spawn towards the middle of the lab. The final target spawns in the main room of the Enrichment Labs.

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The next phase of the missions kicks off when you return topside and encounter two Terra Ambulas who have dropped in. They aren’t particularly hard to kill though, so take them out and grab the schematic. Return to Fortuna to get your drops. If you’re lucky, you got the Gyromag Systems in Warframe in one go, if not, run the mission again.

You can also buy the Gyromag Systems from Little Duck for 1000 Standing if you have the higher rank of Hand with Vox Solaris.

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