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Days Gone details travel and difficulties on the open road in new trailer

Days Gone PS4

Sony just dropped a new trailer for the upcoming Playstation-exclusive, Days Gone. Bend Studio and Sony are looking to create a much more immersive and stressful zombie survival game with this outing, and who knows, maybe they’ll succeed. If this trailer is any indication, they’re on the right path.

In the new video we see protagonist Deacon St. John as he makes his solo trek across the blasted wastes, and it’s quite the lonely road. His only company being his beat up old motorcycle and whatever he keeps in his saddlebags. And the player will feel that isolation and lack of supplies as well, because you’re limited by the same constraints in-game.

As you journey through the hordes of Freakers, the name for zombies in this world, you’ll encounter plenty of challenges, obstacles and places to scavenge. Who knows, maybe you’ll find parts to upgrade your bike with. The game may also hand you some upgrades as part of story progression. That process of scavenging or earning upgrades will allow Deacon to make use of a faster, tougher or more agile bike. Which will become increasingly important as the game wears on. After all, a nitro boost can be really helpful for outrunning a horde.

If you’d like to see more of the game, there’s some details about the cool Collector’s Edition you should look into. There’s also some gameplay highlights from this past TGS to take a gander at.

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Check out the most recent trailer for Days Gone down below. Days Gone will be out exclusively for PS4 on April 26.

If you want more in-depth gameplay though, there’s some more of that too. IGN was on hand at PAX South earlier this month to provide a demo reel of sorts for Days Gone.

Eric Jensen, the Lead Open World Designer at Bend Studio, shared the strategy in a hoard scenario with IGN’s Brian Altano. The video goes through a Freaker hoard of about 300 that Deacon St. John has to fight his way through.

This video showcases a more thorough look at the world Bend Studio is building, and you can watch the walkthrough below.

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