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How to unlock the Incitatus Mount in FFXIV

How to get the Incitatus Mount in FFXIV

When patch 5.3 dropped on August 11, 2020 for Final Fantasy 14, it contained a ton of new content. The long-awaited revamp of old dungeons and other content is just the meat and potatoes of the build, with much more content buried within. One of the new additions is a new mount contained within the Faux Hollows Unreal Shiva Trial.

The new mount in Final Fantasy 14 5.3 is called the Incitatus. To get this stylish and bright new equestrian mount, you need to do some work.

Getting the Incitatus Mount

There are two ways to get the Incitatus Whistle, which summons the Incitatus Mount in Final Fantasy 14. The first method for obtaining the Incitatus Mount in FFXIV involves doing the Unreal Shiva Trial.

Head to Idyllshire to find the quest. Speak to the Painfully Ishgardian Man and he will give you a quest that leads into the Faux Hollows. Within that area you will find a Duty, via the Duty Finder, that leads into the Trial. Do the trial once and you should earn 100 of the Faux Leaf. You need to trade 600 Faux Leaf to the Faux Commander in Idyllshire. That means you will need to complete the Unreal Shiva Trial six times, over the course of six weeks.

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Once you have the 600 Leaves and trade for the Whistle, it will show up in your inventory. Use said Whistle to summon the mount.

There is one other way to get the mount if you want to take advantage of it. You will need to work on the Wondrous Tails given to you each week by Khloe. She will hand you a Wondrous Tails Journal which can collect various stamps within it. Nine stamps can be collected over a course of weeks if you arrange them correctly. You need to fill up three lines within the journal with Stamps to get the Gold Certificate of Commendation for your efforts. This can then be traded for the Incitatus Whistle. Go back to Khloe in Idyllshire and trade her the commendation, that skips the 600 Leaves method entirely.

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