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How to farm Detonite Ampules in Warframe

Detonite Ampules in Warframe

Detonite Ampules in Warframe are one of the many resources one will need to take into account when it comes to crafting in this massive game. There are a huge number of resources and crafting options in this game, so you will need to figure out the fastest ways to farm Detonite Ampules in Warframe if you want to maximize your potential.

Being a rarer resource, there are some considerations to be made when farming them. The drops are very small, usually coming in single units from Grineer units. Trading for the item is out of the picture. You also cannot buy the item for Platinum, not that you would want to anyway.  and with the addition of the Railjack missions in Rising Tide, there are a whole new set of reasons to begin farming for various resources.

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Where to farm Detonite Ampules

Detonite Ampules in Warframe can found on the following planets:

  • Mercury
  • Earth
  • Sedna
  • Ceres
  • Saturn
  • Uranus

For starters, make sure to have your Titan Harvesters up and running on these planets, and cycle them often. There’s a chance you could get some easy Detonite Ampules without even playing the game. The targeted farming approach of Grineer units, especially on endless mission types, is the best bet for easier farming though.

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If you want a targeted farm with a good group mission, The Dark Sector Infestation missions are your best bet. There are two locations to head for when farming Detonite Ampules. Gabii on Ceres is a 15-25 level zone that spawns Grineer, and there’s also Piscinas on Saturn; that second zone is a step up in difficulty, at level 26-36. The bonus for going to the higher level zone is an increased drop chance for resources, but a more talented group may be required.

Once you get into the mission, find a spot on the map that has a Life Support node in it, and preferably only a single main exit. The goal with this room is to camp the room and funnel the enemies into your DPS, all while the stealth player sneaks around the hordes of enemies and gathers the needed drops to keep the party alive. The longer you play these missions, the more resources you get as the item drop rate increases with every five-minute rotation.

You will need to bring a Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm or Nekros with Desecrate, or another similar build that helps increase item drop rates and resource drops. This is in addition to the Stealh-focused frame that will be needed to go out and grab Life Support drops to keep your safe room going for the long haul.

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