How to become a leprechaun in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

BitLife is the mobile life sim where you can do anything. You can take on any job and become a legend in many ways. The game lets you create the ideal version of yourself, or just a complete lunatic. And in the case of some of the hidden challenges and secrets, things get very weird in a hurry. One of the many careers you can take on in the game is to become a leprechaun in BitLife. This won’t be an easy task if you want to take it on though, as it’s very dependent on luck and RNG.

So when you’re hunting for the job you have to fulfill the requirements before it will show up in the Occupations tab. Once it does though, you just need to apply for it and hope you get it. Here’s what to do to maximize your chances of landing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And unlike some of the challenges, you don’t need to be from a specific country.

So even though the mythical creature is often associated with Irish culture, you don’t need to be born in Ireland to get the job.

Even if you take the steps as best you can, you’re not at all guaranteed to get the job. There’s only a very small chance the leprechaun job shows up at all in the job screen. You just have to get very lucky and hope that it comes up when you check.Since there are not tasks to do to unlock it, it’s all based on RNG. There are some things you can do to tilt the odds in your favor though.

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One thing you will want to do it is make sure all of your character’s stats are close to being maxed out. You need to fill each of the four stat gauges to 50% or more to get them into green states. That seems to be required to be a leprechaun in BitLife. Here are some helpful ways to keep your four stats up in the game:

  • Happiness: Always keep in touch with friends and loved ones to max this out. The more social you are, the better you’re going to be. Also, make sure to have a fulfilling job.
  • Health: Keep running, swimming and exercising throughout life to keep this stat high. Regular visits to the doctor help as well.
  • Smarts: Make regular trips to the library from a young age to keep this stat high. Keep going back and reading whenever you get the chance as well.
  • Looks: Maintaining a high looks stat is one of the harder things to do in the game. You need to eat very healthy and keep getting new clothes and haircuts to make the stat go up. Keep the style up and you should fine though.
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