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EVE Online: Geopolitics 2018 Winter Update

EVE Online: Geopolitics 2018 Winter Update

It’s been nearly a year since we looked at the geography and geopolitics of EVE Online. While the regions, systems, and gate network have remained the same there have been significant developments in the fortunes of player-controlled space. This update explores the fall out from the bitter wars raging in the south and southeast as well as the budding conflicts in the west.

Alekseyev Karade takes another look at geopolitics in EVE Online; primarily he’s looking at developments in Null Security space between various player groups, both big and small.

The focus this time around starts off with the brewing conflicts between the Imperium and PanFam/GotG. These two player groups continue to skirmish over control of strategic systems in the region of Cloud Ring. Some readers may remember the anti-climactic battle in 9-4RP2 a while back.

The next section discusses ongoing tension between various groups in the South and East of New Eden. One note of interest is the ongoing war between PanFam and Provibloc over control of Providence. The justification in that conflict rests on CCP’s plans to convert existing outposts into unique Faction Citadels. And as Providence has a huge concentration of both outposts and players willing to fight, PanFam is simply hunting for some juicy content and some “easy” ISK.

There’s a lot more to the video than just those conflicts, it’s well worth the watch if you have even a passing interest in the ever-changing political landscape of EVE Online.

Alekseyev Karade is the host of the Declarations of War podcast, two time CSM rep, founder and former CEO of Noir.

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