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US Congressman allegedly used campaign funds on $1,300 of Steam games


According to a new report from federal election regulators, new accusations have been levied against Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.) for inappropriate use of campaign funds. Apparently, the U.S. congressman had spent a total of $1,302 on Steam games. The story was broken after reporters from the Union-Tribune noticed the finance filing for Hunter’s campaign included multiple irregularities.

Hunter listed the $1,302 worth of video games on a campaign finance disclosure form as a “personal expense — to be paid back,” but hasn’t yet done so. A spokesperson for the campaign said that the teenage son of Hunter was the one behind the purchases. However, even if that’s true, there’s still the issue of where the funds came from.

The same spokesman also told The Daily Beast that the purchases are potentially fraudulent. The source says that the first purchase was made with the father’s permission, but that all following purchases on Steam were made without his consent. The congressman has apparently pledged to seek a refund for the latter purchases and to reimburse the funds.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t a criminal investigation, but that things could go that way. The FEC has acknowledged the issue and is investigating.

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Hunter is a member of the House’s committees on armed services, education and transportation. Hunter, 39, is the son of Duncan Hunter, also a Republican congressman for 16 years.

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