How to destroy enemy vests in PUBG

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PUBG is a game all about stealth, positioning and accuracy. The third-person shooter requires constant vigilance and mobility. Moving from point to point while looting gear and making sure you don’t get ambushed is key. But there’s one thing that many new PUBG players don’t take into account, and that’s the gear their enemy has. And one of the most important items for staying alive in this cutthroat video game is a bullet-proof vest. Consequently, the first thing you should do when face down an active combatant is to shoot their vest off, making them much easier to take out. Here’s how to destroy enemy vests in PUBG.

Stopping power is key when dealing with armored enemies in PUBG. A  high-powered rifle is a must, as you likely don’t want to be in close enough range to rely on a shotgun if you can help it. Once you have your necessary weapon, focus on targeting. Your main target is your enemy’s center of mass, which means the dead center of their chest. Aiming for headshots is OK for very skilled players with long-range weapons, who can reliably hit headshots, but that’s beyond the scope of this guide. If you get lucky, you can KO an opponent and then run over to them then aim for body shots once they’re down to complete the challenge. This is sometimes easier to in Duos or team matches where you have squaddies watching your back while you do it.

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If you lack a rifle or other weapon with good stopping power, there is another option with a grenade. Getting the distance and timing down is very tricky though, as you have to be close enough to land the grenade at the right moment where your quarry cannot run out of its AoE. Most players opt for the rifle approach as a result of it being easier than the explosives route.

Once your target has been hit enough in their center of mass, the damage will start to eat away at their actual health. It doesn’t take too many shots to drop an unarmored target once you take the vest out of the equation.

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