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Man of Medan’s new dev diary details watery setting

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan - Dev Diary #2: A Watery Grave

Supermassive Games has just dropped another preview video for their upcoming horror title, Man of Medan, the inaugural chapter in its Dark Pictures Anthology. This first entry in a new terrifying series, this game takes things out onto the high sees, and not for a pleasure cruise.

The journey into darkness takes the form of a story following a group of people who have become stranded on a World War II boat, thought lost to time, but strangely resurfaced. It will be a desperate fight to survive and escape what could otherwise be a watery grave. Of course, not everyone is expected to survive, and just like Supermassive’s other horror entry, Until Dawn, the careful consideration of which characters might be potentially worth sacrificing is a choice you will have to make.

Player choice will be paramount in this game, and you’ll have to make decisions very quickly, and often under different kinds of pressure or threat. Supermassive really nailed this feeling in Until Dawn, it will be interesting to see how they manage to improve upon it in this new title.

The team behind this experience is working hard to create an effective and immersive setting, as we see from the newest dev dairy. They are putting a ton of effort into recording custom sounds in the real world as well as highly detailed art work. All of this will hopefully make the spooky nautical setting feel that much more alive.

Man of Medan is scheduled for release in summer 2019, and you can check out the latest developer diary for the game down below.

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