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Frictional Games teases next game after SOMA and Amnesia

Frictional Games' SOMA

The team behind SOMA and Amnesia, Frictional Games, has been teasing fans with what they were planning next. There have been a few whispers and various teasers posted online, but no real confirmations as of yet. Frictional Games also recently opened a website for its “next Frictional game,” teasing the next horror game that they have been working on. The new game doesn’t have a title or anything like that, just some random cryptic teasers and other assorted nonsense. Although given the tone of their previous games, nonsense is probably spot on branding for Frictional Games.

One of those teasers actually led fans down a bit of a rabbit hole. When you hover over a mysterious icon that’s located next to the company’s social media links on the bottom right of the page, you’ll see some odd text pop up. This is actually part of a YouTube URL. Frictional Games released a teaser that was posted to that YouTube URL. The teaser doesn’t reveal any gameplay, but does hint a few things about the setting, with a very SCP-like vibe titled, “Box 52, Tape 16.”

Then the company pushed out  an additional YouTube video. Called “Box 7, Reel 2, Partial Success,” there’s no imagery, just some strange audio. It looks a fair bit like the tone from Frictional’s previous titles will continue through this game. SOMA is a very weird game, with some extremely disturbing implications. It’s pretty safe to assume that their next game, whatever it is, will also be just as strange and chaotic. Check out the original SOMA in the trailer down below.

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