How to get the Libre Pikachu costume in Pokémon Go

How to get the Libre Pikachu costume in Pokémon Go

Plenty of rewards can be earned by you for playing Pokémon Go. You can get in-game resources that help your Pokémon to become stronger, encounters with rare Pokémon, and at times cosmetics to make your trainer stand out from the other trainers who you meet in the game. Libre Pikachu outfit is a new costume that you can earn, which decks your trainer avatar out in a full suit.

This new Pikachu cosmetic decks the electric mouse out in a uniform that’s very much inspired by the colorful garb or Mexican luchadores. The cute Pokemon is decked out in a full face mask with red and orange accents. So how do we get the Libre Pikachu costume in Pokémon Go? Keep in mind though that getting the Libre Pikachu costume in Pokémon Go won’t be easy.

You can see the cutest wrestler ever in action in the trailer below. Libre Pikachu comes to use from the crossover world of Pokken Tournament, and is super adorable.

You will have to participate in the Battle League, to earn the costume. The Battle League is a new feature in Pokémon Go where you test your Pokémon’s skills against other players and see who wins. You earn more ranks with the more battles you participate in. You do not have to win to earn ranks though but, if you do win them, you receive exclusive encounters, such as the change to capture a Scraggy at rank 4.  The reward for the Libre Pikachu costume was unlocked after ranking up to level 7 in any Battle League.

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Good news is, the Preseason of the Great League division just kicked off, so it might be a little easier to hit this higher rank. Find out more details about the Battle League on the official Niantic site. Each division of the Battle League is rotated every few weeks. The Libre Pikachu costume in Pokémon Go will be part of the Great League this month, before moving into the Ultra and Master brackets over the next few months.

For those who want to jump into the Battle League, you will have to walk five-kilometers before gaining access to it. You can get three of them every day. You can also shorten this length by using a premium raid pass when you reach two-kilometers, but this option will cost you 100 PokéCoins.

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