How to surrender in Pokémon Unite

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As a 5v5 MOBA with more than 20 rosters choices, there’s a definite meta-game developing in Pokémon Unite. Sometimes you make really good choices. Other times, you just get outplayed. If you feel like you really can’t win for whatever reason, you don’t have to suffer through the match. So when you want to give in, here’s what to do. You need to surrender. When playing in teams, you need to put it to a vote.

How to surrender in Pokémon Unite

Surrendering in Pokémon Unite is only an option after a certain amount of time. This is to prevent trolling and rage quits. Players can only suggest a quitting vote after five minutes have gone by in a match. Yes, this must be done via democracy. The first thing to do after this time passes is to bring up the scoreboard. Do that by pressing the + button on your controller/JoyCon. When you do, you will see a Settings option, click that. Tab to System Settings and you will see a button at the bottom that says Surrender. Press X to surrender in Pokémon Unite to wrap up starting the process.

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Team surrendering in Pokémon Unite works a bit differently from other games. You can use the same options outlined above to suggest a team surrender. You can do this multiple times per match, but it must be voted on. The majority of a team’s members must vote yes for the team as a whole to give up on that match. This is the nuke option, essentially. This should not be something you use to troll. Only choose this option if you genuinely feel that there is no way for you team to win.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the incessant voice chat, consider turning off voice chat in Pokémon Unite. Also, make sure to grab that free Zeroara while you still can.

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