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New V Rising patch adds graphics options and FPS limiter

V Rising

The new 0.5.41591 client patch for V Rising has debuted. Players wishing to get into the game will have to download the new patch. Being an Early Access title, we can expect many more updates as time goes on. Future patches are likely to be more substantial, with Stunlock Studios adding more stuff as the game matures. We’re hoping for more crafting items, new themes to decorate with, and more!

Anyway, about this new patch, it’s pretty basic, but very important. The biggest change is that Texture Quality options are now part of the game, allowing for more granular management of memory and system resource usage. Players will have a much better time getting solid FPS now. And speaking of FPS, the game also has an FPS limiter built in. Building options have been altered a bit as well. Stairs have been added to the Castle Floors Tab in the Build Menu to make it easier for players to find them.

A few bugs are also included to fix a few things like minor nav mesh issues.

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The newest V Rising patch notes can be seen below. You can also check out the Steam page for future updates.

  • Added Texture Quality to Graphics Options, which can greatly reduce texture memory usage.
  • Added FPS Limit Option to Advanced Graphics Options.
  • Changed Low Quality Atmosphere to High Quality Atmosphere to keep the options menu consistent.
  • Fixed a bug where the antialiasing option could not be set to anything other than TAA from the main menu.
  • Stairs have been added to the Castle Floors Tab in the Build Menu to make it easier for players to find them.
  • Fixed missing meshes on particular world objects.
  • Fixed an issue that caused performance drops when hitting Night Marshal Styx the Sunderer with specific abilities (ex. Mirror Strike).
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