How to unlock flying in V Rising

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V Rising loves to throw challenging things at the player. There’s a lot to learn, and not a lot of time to do it in. There’s a whole army of bosses to fight, all the while fending off other players in the battle for PVP dominance. This can also be made easier once you can fly. The flying in V Rising is governed by the bat form. This is a very useful travel ability that becomes kind of important for later in the game when you’re hunting other players and bosses. That process can take a while if you don’t know what you’re doing. Knowing who to hunt and where to unlock abilities is vital in this game. If you want to speed up travel, you need to learn how to fly. Here’s how to unlock flying in V Rising.

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How to unlock flying in V Rising

To obtain the bat form, which will give access to the flying skill, you need to defeat Nightmarshal Styx, a level 76 boss located in the Cursed Forest. Once you get the Blood Altar, you can track the Nightmarshal Styx. You will find Styx roaming the roads of the Cursed Forest around the northeastern side of the map. This will be a late-game addition to your abilities, and won’t be an easy fight. This boss is also a vampire, much like you, but he’s unpredictable unless you’ve already fought him before.

Once Styx is defeated, you’ll unblock the Bat Form. It will allow you to fly around at a greater speed than walking, and much like the Waygates, you’ll be unable to transport items with you while in Bat Form. This will be much faster than Wolf Form, but a little slower than horses, in my experience.

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How to defeat Nightmarshal Styx

The Nightmarshal has a lot of health and some devastating attacks. Knowing his attack pattern and phases is key. You will see multiple phases in this fight, so be ready. For most of the battle, you should be focused on dodging his attacks while using your ranged weapon to deal damage.

His most lethal attack is a cyclone attack that spins around the combat area, avoid this to avoid getting stunlocked. This attack also fires out projectiles, so be on top of your dodging game.  While this might be hard to deal with, the trick here is maintaining distance and just waiting out the attack. You will have plenty of chances to strike him during other attacks.

He has a lunging attack that swings after you twice, be careful, it does a ton of damage.

When Nightmarshal Styx is down to 50% health, he will transform into a bat himself. This will make him impossible to damage, so you have to wait him out. While flying, he will summon two skeletons that will attack you, take them out.

When the boss is below 15% health, he becomes much more mobile. He will dash around the arena, spamming bat adds to annoy the player. Try to zip around and keep up with him as best you can. Maybe bring along some ranged abilities like the Chaos bombs to whittle away his health from afar.

Once defeated, you can drain his V blood and unlock flying in V Rising.

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