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New Star Citizen ATV Video shows Group System

Star Citizen Alpha 3.2

Today, Cloud Imperium Games released a brand new video of its upcoming space simulator Star Citizen.

There’s some updates for Alpha 3.2, as we expected from the last update, mining is still a hefty focus. The team is making progress of facial rigging and animations as well. And of course, there’s a the usual smaller updates on things like sound design, economic fleshing out and other in-game aspects.

In this latest in the Around The Verse series, CIG are putting a laser focus on group play. The game will eventually reach a point where groups of players can Quantum jump around together to complete quests, gather resources, or just blast their way around the Star Citizen universe. As it stands now, the system is pretty barebones. Full chat integration isn’t there yet, and most of the in-game travel and economic features aren’t in either. It’s very much a foundational service for other features down the line.

The video also showcases some background lore for the planet Caliban, yes the planet from WH40K that was the Dark Angels homeworld. The planet suffered a very similar fate in Star Citizen after being obliterated by the Vanduul. The system is highly contentious in lore due to weirdness surrounding its discovery. Overall, it’s another in the endless collection of planets in the in-game universe.

Overall, this latest video is definitely a watch for fans and backers of Star Citizen.

In other news, the game has hit another high for funding raised overall. At the moment of this writing, it’s sitting on $188,086,118 provided by 2,048,404 registered users.

Check out the newest update video below.

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