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Steam Sale Dates for February Leak

Steam Game Discounts

This information comes courtesy of Steam Database, which is a site that usually offers up various details on behind-the-scenes happenings far as database releases are concerned, they’re usually also accurate in the information they reveal. As seen in the tweet below, the site made mention of Steam Direct–that is, the replacement Steam Greenlight–giving practically anyone the ability to find out these details due to the ease of getting a game on Steam. Say what you will about the leak, but I bet gamers are happy.

As of yet, the size and scope of the next Steam sale hasn’t been revealed, but if the leak from Steam Database is accurate and Valve doesn’t decide to change the dates, then fans won’t have to wait long to see what kind of discounts will be in store for them. Although the e-mail confirms that this sale WILL NOT impact the storefront in a way that would hurt the visibility and sales of new releases. The Lunar New Year sale will also not impact the internal discount cooldown that Valve has in place to prevent developers abusing the discount system.

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This sale won’t be as hefty on the discounts as the major Winter or Summer sales, but I’d expect some good prices nonetheless that would encourage some gamers to pick up a few new games they’ve had their eye on. As usual, we encourage users to leverage comparison shopping. IsThereAnyDeal is a great tool that searches all the major online retailers for deals on games, use them as much as possible to find the best deals.

Should the leak be correct, the next Steam sale runs from February 15, 2018 to February 19, 2018.

Here’s the email:

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