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V Rising puts far more emphasis on survival than a more action-oriented vamp game. Surviving against the many enemies is going to be tough. Blood is the core of your survival. You will need blood to continue fighting and growing your power. As you grow that shiny new castle, there are a lot of things you need to build. Being a vampire is a hugely cool thing, popular fiction has had a really big impact here. V Rising is a crafting-focused game, of course, there’s farming too. And when night falls, you have a free hand to hunt.

The game is focused on multiplayer with a robust PVP mechanic, but you can play it entirely offline as well. If you want the solo experience to test things out, that’s entirely fine. Stunlock Studios, the developer of V Rising, has added a ton of features to help with this. The ability to host a solo game is just the start. There are actually a bunch of V Rising Console Commands that you can use to help yourself out. If you want to skip the grind, this is a definite path forward.

How to Enable Console Commands in V Rising

Stunlock Studios, the developer of V Rising, provided players with easy access to all console commands in the game, which can be enabled in the following way. Keep in mind you have to do this when creating the game the first time, you won’t be able to enable the console on an existing server/save.

  1. Go the game’s main menu
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select the “General” tab
  4. Turn on the “Console Enabled” option in the Interface section

Once you host a world, press the “~” (tilde) key on your keyboard to open up the console. When trying to use commands in any game, you need to admin your player. Use the “adminauth” command first to enable any other commands.

There’s a huge list of commands in the game to spawn items and enemies, and that’s just the start. To get the full list of V Rising Console Commands type in “List” in the console to get the full itemized list. From there, scroll through and try some things out to see what they do.

The most useful commands are “give” and “giveset”. The console is pretty smart, so inputting “give stone” will give you all the options for items that include stone. Make sure to select the right ingredient so you don’t clog up your inventory with the wrong thing.

Be sure to check out our other guides on scrolls, and other materials like fish oil. Other upgrades like Whetstones are pretty useful as well. Other aspects of the game can help with your journey, like farming in V Rising and growing stuff from seeds. Seeds harvested from bosses can be used to grow unique items for crating intriguing new armor. Some of the best armor in the game is the Dark Silver gear, which is super powerful. And since you’re trying to get more powerful gear, leather can be helpful as well.

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Weapons, Gear and Resources Commands

Here’s all the Weapons, Gear and Resources Commands in V Rising:

Console Command


Give (what, amount)

gives player item(s)

Giveset (what)

gives player an item set


changes the durability of equipped items

Exploration/Teleportation Commands

Here’s all the Exploration/Teleportation Commands in V Rising:

Console Command



add up to 12 in-game hours to the clock, changing the time of day and respawn timers. Servers cannot go back in time, only forward.


modifies the health of the target unit/object closest to the admin’s cursor, allowing admins to deal damage or heal targets.


teleports allies to mouse cursor position.


teleports all allies but you to mouse cursor position.


teleports all players who are not allies to mouse cursor position.


teleports all players to mouse cursor position.


teleports all players but you to mouse cursor position.


kills your character.


teleports you to mouse cursor position.

TeleportPlayerToMe (User)

teleports another player to your location.

TeleportPlayerToMousePosition (User)

teleports another player to mouse cursor position.

TeleportToChunk (Unnamed Argument)

teleports you to a chunk coordinate.


teleports you to Nether.

TeleportToPlayer (User)

teleports you to another player’s location.

TeleportToChunkWaypoint (Unnamed






teleports you to a specific waypoint.


You can use TeleportToChunkWaypoint to get to various vampire waypoints based on the numbers you specify, which makes it convenient. You can see where each set of numbers takes you here:

Console Command


12, 15

Dunley Farmlands Waygate East

13, 13

Dunley Farmlands Waygate South-East

9, 13

Dunley Farmlands Waygate South-West

14, 11

Farbane Woods Waygate North-East

14, 8

Farbane Woods Waygate South-East

8, 8

Farbane Woods Waygate South-West

9, 10

Farbane Woods Waygate West

13, 19

Cursed Forest Waygate

15, 13

Hallowed Mountains Waygate

6, 16

Silverlight Hills Waygate

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