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Naughty Dog job listing hints at future PC releases

The Last of Us: Part II

A newly discovered  job listing for developer Naughty Dog has people freaking out. Why? Because it means that there could be some PC ports of major releases headed our way. Originally uncovered by Jack of all controllers, the listing was for a Graphics Programmer with good knowledge of Nvidia CUDA or PC programming. This has led to plenty of speculation.

The finding also revealed that Naughty Dog is looking for a new member of a game team, which suggests an ongoing project. Based on this finding, many outlets are insinuating that Naughty Dog is currently working on a game for PC, but with no official confirmation, it’s very hard to say what this actually means. Plenty are hoping that this translates to a later PC port of The Last of Us Part II, although this is impossible to confirm. The game was delayed for a bit, and is due in a few months,

Various outlets also recently reported that Horizon: Zero Dawn could be in development for PC, with releases planned for Steam and Epic Games Store in 2020. Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips has hinted at a similar path for other releases as well. That being the porting of console exclusives to PC.

The Last of Us Part II will be available for PlayStation 4 and 5, and there are suspicions that it could come to PC at some point as well. Sony has made inroads onto the platform. There have already been ports of some Quantic Dream titles, so there is at least some precedent for more titles to make the jump from consoles.

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