How does fishing work in Rune Factory 4?

Guide to fishing in Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 is a new JRPG hybrid title for the Nintendo Switch. XSEED Games has crafted a much more immersive JRPG experience this time around, with players able to undertake various new side activities, quests and tons of new characters. Basically, think of it as a much more anime version of Stardew Valley for the Switch. And speaking of side activities, one of the newer activities in the game is fishing in Rune Factory 4. And since there’s a bit of faff with getting going on the fishing excursions, here’s a simple guide to help you out.

Fishing is a great way to spend some free time in the game, and fishing in Rune Factory 4 is a very in-depth activity. This is thanks to the rewards you can earn and the number of fish that can be caught.

How to fish in Rune Factory 4

To begin fishing in the game, you need a rod. Head to Eliza and speak to her about fishing. Once you do that, she will ask you to complete another quest for Vishnal. Once that is done your post box will have your first rod, the cheap pole, on the next day.

After that, it’s time to find some fishing spots. To make using the rods easier, make sure to set them in the quick-access inventory using the L trigger. The best fishing spot early on is Selphia: Dragon Lake on the west side of town.

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Head to the edge of the shore at the water and hold B with your rod equipped, this will cast it out into the water. You will see the small shadows underneath the water that mark where fish are but don’t panic, a little patience is required when fishing in Rune Factory 4. The fish will often test out the bait before taking a full bite, so be sure to wait before reeling in.

Once you get a firm bite, hit the B button again to reel it in. You will have a tougher time catching the rarest fish, but it’s worth it as these can be used to unlock gifts, or cooked up as food. And speaking of cooking, it’s a big part of getting better rods. To acquire better fishing rods you need to eat Farming Recipe Bread from Porcoline. This character will eventually give you crafting recipes for better rods once you complete enough tasks for them. Doing this process will unlock better rods, which makes fishing easier.

Check out the trailer for Rune Factory 4 down below, if this kind of game interests you.

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