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EK teases new EK AIO cooler, offering competition for Corsair and Cooler Master

EK teases new EK AIO cooler

EK is a PC hardware creator best known for their work with custom loops for PC water cooling. The company has built its brand supplying high-quality water blocks and parts for years, and many hardcore PC gamers trust them. EK is now jumping into a new segment of the PC hardware market by shifting its offerings a little bit.

The new EK-AIO is pretty simple, having the same sleek design, RGB support, and support for multiple fan configurations that AIO uses expect from a mature market. EK is touting the EK-AIO as a competitive option for those wishing to move into water cooling for the first time, and avoid the hassles of a custom loop. Plus, the sleek design and RGB support of most AIOs makes it very easy to add some flair and keep clutter to a minimum.

There are multiple variants available with different radiator sizes, each one offering more cooling support for more intense applications. The larger radiator configs go all the way up to a 360mm option, which would be ideal for a large eATX case with a push-pull fan setup. The 360mm radiator would be ideal for a Threadripper build, which has pretty high heat output and needs the extra cooling capacity to avoid issues with performance in heavy loads.

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The EK AIO comes in multiple variants depending on what size rad you need. There are 120 D-RGB, 240 D-RGB, and 360 D-RGB, which comprise 120mm, 240mm, and 360mm versions respectively.

EK has already begun to offer these units for pre-order on their website, so you can grab one now if you like. You even get a 10% discount for hopping on the early adopter train. Although if you’re concerned about problems, don’t worry too much. Each model carries a 5-year warranty, offering some pretty solid peace of mind.

The 120mm version retails for $89.99, or $80.99 with the discount. The 240mm version retails for $119.99, or $107.99 with the discount. The 360mm version retails for $154.99, or $139.99 with the discount.

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