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Figment, Tormentor x Punisher and World War Z are free on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store

Another new week, and we’re getting three more free games on the Epic Games Store. There are three games being given away for free by Epic, and they span a few different genres. There’s shooters, zombies and even some whimsical nonsense.

The big banner title this time around is the zombie shooter, World War Z, with its four player co-op and plenty of fast-paced gunplay.

The action-adventure game Figment is a big departure from that previous game, offering a much less bloody feel and plenty of bright colors. The story actually has its own twists and layers, giving the player an interesting blend of chaos and creativity. It’s also a really funny game all on its own.

Last but not least, Tormentor x Punisher offers top-down shooting action where the player gets to have fun blasting their way through hordes of mutated freaks. The action at play here is all about destroying demons for points, think of it like a more cartoonish DOOM.

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