What Do Certificates for Impossible Appliances Do in Destiny 2?

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If you’ve been keeping up with the new Destiny 2 content, you may have noticed a few new items being dropped from various loot chests and bosses. This is a common problem, namely not knowing what an item does and having to figure it out. With some items, they have some hidden use, but not always. Certificates for Impossible Appliances seems to be a bit esoteric to some, so let’s explain it.

It turns out that many NPCs have a sweet tooth in Destiny. You need to take on an event quest to make holiday treats for many different folks, all across the system. After you have hit up the NPC Eva Levante for your mission in the Tower, you’re kind of left to your own devices. The Dawning 2021 recipes aren’t going to make themselves, so you need to get moving. Here’s some help with finding a particular ingredient. Certificates for Impossible Appliances have joined along with all the other drops.

What Do Certificates for Impossible Appliances Do in Destiny 2?

The uncommon item is yet another “joke item” from Starhorse reward pools. Along with Tickets to Impossible Destinations, this just appears to be something that Bungie has placed without any apparent use. Players will likely get quite a few of these as they play through the various holiday events. Certificates for Impossible Appliances and other items without an obvious use will be marked with the “(This item can be safely discarded.)” marker. That means exactly what you think it means.

Bungie is unlikely to use these items in future events, and they’re just a way to stack the loot drop odds against the player. Junk items are a great way for developers to make scarcity of rare drops easier to control, so they can be safely deleted by players.

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Here’s the official description in case you are curious:

This appears to be a gift certificate that exists in several realities at once. Words shift and rewrite themselves before your eyes, promising gleaming appliances that never existed:

“…no home would be complete without…”
“…full washer/dryer combo…”
“…reforms cells endlessly in the comfort of your own home…”
“…rich shag carpeting…”
“…keys that open endless doors between realms of madness and order…”
“…easy-to-clean linoleum…”

You do not think it would be wise to read any further.

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