How to power up PokéStops in Pokémon Go

How to power up PokéStops in Pokémon Go

Powered-up PokéStops have arrived in Pokémon Go. These are a new thing in the game that hinges on AR features. They aren’t just a gimmick, as they actually have some use. Powered-up Stops are meant to be a collaborative effort. After a certain number of scans, players who helped out get some free stuff. When you want to actually contribute to these places, here’s what to do.

How to power up PokéStops in Pokémon Go

The process is pretty simple, and relies on the AR features within Niantic’s game. When you want to focus on getting rewards, try to find PokéStops with good amounts of traffic. This will be much harder in rural areas without good cell service, so you just have to accept it if you can’t get to good stops. So pick out your spots, grab your phone, and get going.

To conduct an AR scan of a PokéStop, you tap a scan button and are then prompted to walk slowly around the area while your camera scans the area. This can be a bit awkward in public, but it does offer in-game rewards. When you go to a stop, be sure to look for the AR scan button. So just go up and spin the stop, then trigger an AR scan.

All powered-up PokéStops have three levels. The first level requires players to scan that location five times. The second level requires players to scan it 10 times. The third and final level for powered-up PokéStops requires players to complete 30 total AR scans.

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