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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Story Trailer Reveals Emperor Palpatine


A lot of Star Wars fans are excited about Star Wars Battlefront 2, which promises to be a much more fleshed out game than the previous multiplayer-only entry into the franchise. A new story trailer follows Iden Versio, commanding officer of the Imperial special forces unit Inferno Squad, as she fights the rebels throughout the singleplayer campaign.

Star Wars Battlefront II, the other one, followed the 501st “Vader’s Fist” Stormtrooper Legion as they fought through the Star Wars battles in that game. So we have a precedent for fighting on the side of darkness in these games, it will be interesting to see what direction this new story campaign takes.

The story follows Iden Versio, daughter of a high-ranking Imperial commander; and a fanatical Imperial agent herself as she leads an elite squad sent on only the most dangerous missions. Players will experience their tale from the end of Return of the Jedi through the newer movies like The Force Awakens.

Picking up from the short scene introduced in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer from earlier this week, fans return to the imperial world of Vardos where Inferno Squad Captain Iden Versio has just been informed of Emperor Palpatine’s death. In an interesting twist, the news was delivered by none other than Palpatine himself through a recorded hologram and sent through a Imperial messenger droid. At Palpatine’s command, Versio and her squad plan to initiate Operation Cinder to launch a secretive all-out attack on the Rebel Alliance.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 comes out on November 17, but before that there will be an open multiplayer beta that will begin at 1 am PT/4 am ET on October 4 for those who have preordered and October 6 for everyone else, and run until 9 am PT/12 pm ET on October 9. The game will be available on Pc, PS4 and Xbox One
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