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BL and HERO have yet another fight over a moon

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In the system of MN5N-X three fleets came together to brawl over the defensive timer on an R64 moon.  The POS was being defended by a 120 strong HERO fleet of Eagles and Tengus for main DPS, with several supporting Logi, Ewar, and bomber wings. Along with mixed smaller fleets fielded by some HERO alliances. Such as a Tristan fleet fielded by The Explicit Alliance. Black Legion. and FCore brought mixed Legions and Triage Carriers with Guardian Logistics. As well as a small support wing of HACs and intys. Their fleet was around 160 strong. TEST also acted as 3rd party bringing a kitchen sink fleet to camp gates in the system and kill stragglers.

As the POS came out of reinforce BL landed it’s main fleet on grid and began hitting a mobile cyno inhibitor HERO placed in an effort to prevent triage being used. As the inhibitor was destroyed and BL brought in a capital force of 5 Dreadnaughts and 10 Carriers, the fight for the POS began in earnest. BL began splitting DPS between Eagles and Ewar, quickly putting many Eagles and Crucifiers out of action. As the fight progressed late broadcasts and damps being applied to HERO Logistics delayed reps landing in time to save many pilots. BL were only losing a handful of Legions compared to almost the entirety of the Eagle fleet nearing the conclusion of the fight.

HERO made the decision to pull the fleets off the POS after only having been able to rep it to 30% shield.  BL had won the first round. Themselves taking around 7 Billion ISK in losses while HERO took almost 22 Billion ISK in damage.

As BL’s caps stayed on grid to finish off the POS, HERO attempted to extract some revenge. HERO Dictors came into the system in droves to mass bubble the Chimeras.  This brought more than 250 pilots back into system as both fleets reshipped into similar compositions to battle over the cap fleet.

BL brought a much smaller 90 man fleet but with similar composition.  HERO had formed 150 pilots into a mixed Shield fleet with Eagles, Moas, and Scythe Logistics. But sadly for HERO, the fates conspired against them. BL were not playing with their food this time.  Choosing to wipe Logistics and DPS off the field in equal measure. And as HERO called on Pandemic Legion for support, they were struggling to hold the field. PL were unable to find an accessible wormhole chain and were unable to offer support. In the end, the Chimeras made it out safely. The butchers bill for round two stood at 4 Billion lost by BL with 11 Billion lost by HERO.

The last few weeks have been quite difficult for the rookie organization, as confusion and dissatisfaction with leadership have plagued the group once again after mixups on Duality and HERO Exec Lychton Konduor posting a sloppy and incomprehensible SOTA garnered an extremely negative reaction. This loss of both an R64 and more than 30 Billion ISK is likely to compound the issues.

[UPDATE]:Lychton has been online talking to members and has admitted that his SOTA was a bad combination of choices and an impromptu speech gone bad. He has made it clear that he will internalize the feedback from his members to help fix the issues being brought up. A reddit thread summarizing what people wanted out of the SOTA has also become rather popular on the BRAVE subredit.

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