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CZ EVE 101 Playlist

CZ has spent the last few months building a video series aimed at EVE Online newbies.  Covering everything a new player needs to know.  From the basics of play to ships. modules, fittings, and with the 5th release today, drones.  Below are all 5 videos in the series so far.

EVE 101 – Part 1: Key Concepts

EVE 101 – Part 2: The Pilot

EVE 101 – Part 3: The Ship

EVE 101 – Part 04: Modules

EVE 101 – Part 05: Drones

EVE 101 – Part 06: Player Groups

EVE 101 – Part 07: The Station Interface

EVE 101 – Part 08: The NEOCOM

EVE 101 – Part 09: Ship User Interface

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