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Skull and Bones Delayed Yet Again to 2022

Ubisoft Has Reportedly Rebooted Skull & Bones

Skull and Bones has been pushed back yet again. Ubisoft confirmed the ship sim is now targeting a release date sometime between 2022 to 2023. And yes, there’s very little chance at this point that we will ever see this game. When a game gets pushed back this many times, there’s basically no chance that the developer and publisher can accurately predict when things will be coming to market.

The latest Skull and Bones delay was confirmed in Ubisoft’s full-year earnings report for 2020. And frankly, this is just the company trying to avoid outright cancelling the game. That was the same thing the company did in 2018, by the way. This is the latest in multiple delays for the game. And during all these delays, the game even got a full reboot, allegedly. That reboot was announced years ago by creative director Elisabeth Pellen, and precious little progress has been seen since.  It has been nothing but rough seas for the crew at Ubisoft, as the publisher had the lead of the developer removed, ostensibly for failing to deliver.

It’s a shame, as what we’ve seen of Skull and Bones is rather exciting. And with us being way past the original 2018 release date, things don’t look to be calming down.

The game was billed as the ultimate pirate sim. Players who enjoyed the iconic sailing sections of a certain Assassin’s Creed game were overjoyed. With full crew and ship customization, you could create your dream piracy identity. As you would sail across the open world, take on missions and combat to gather loot and further upgrade your ship. Sounds like a very interesting proposition for those looking to relive the golden age.

Ubisoft Singapore is in charge of the project but is joined by Ubisoft studios all over the globe. Studios in Kiev, Paris, Berlin and more have all jumped on board to help out. The scope of the game kept expanding it seems, and these extra hands on deck were added at some point. It’s still unclear how much progress has been made on the game, and if it will ever be released.

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