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Where to Get Rawhide in New World

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Whether you’re crafting new armor, or that spacious new bag, you need leather. New World is the kind of game where every item carries value in part because of the work you put into it. Rawhide in New World is crucial here.  They can be used to make Coarse Leather, which is the basic material. Higher-end items can then be made by combining materials from higher-level animals. but first, you need to level up your skinning.

Before getting into the real depth of the farming, you need to do some prep work. For one thing, you will need a good supply of high-rarity Skinning Tools. A good Uncommon Skinning Knife with the Azoth Extraction perk really speeds this up. The added chance to extract Azoth can help pay for the fast travel costs of moving between nodes. You will also want a good supply of repair kits to keep that knife in tip-top shape for as long as you can.

Best Places to get Rawhide in New World

Rawhides drop from low-level boars up to wolves, bears, pumas, lynx and sheep. You can easily farm any Wolf Den in Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, Windsward, or First Light for skins, and it makes these a great source of leather. As a result of how easy it is to fast travel around, this process is a great way to power level skinning in the game.

If you’re just starting out there are a couple of locations you can check. Start by heading to the Fury Bay road leading towards the settlement in Windsward. This spot to the north of the zone has a bunch of boars around that can be skinned. You can also hit up Inkwell and Dankfur Caves in the same region for more farming spots. There’s also a lynx spawn point in Monarch’s Bluffs at the Offal Grotto that’s got level 15 lynx which can be skinned. Farming these two spots can carry you to skinning level 70 easily.

Getting to Skinning 200 is the next step. This is where there’s a bit of map knowledge involved. you need to head to Cutlass Keys to find the best Rawhide farming spot at this point in New World. You will be hunting down the Lushhunt Pointer. Each time you skin a Lushhunt Pointer, you will get around 650 Tracking & Skinng experience.

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This level 34 enemy can be found outside of the Cutlass Keys fort, to the south. Head towards the Cave of Tithing towards Balmy Veldt. The spot you’re looking for is just to the north of Fort Ramos. There are many Pointer spawns there that can be farmed.

Best Place to Farm Rawhides in New World

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