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Westworld Mobile game shuts down despite settlement

Westworld Mobile Game Shuts Down

After months of back-and-forth and legal deliberations,  the Westworld Mobile game has finally landed on the other side of these issues, and the news isn’t good for fans. It turns out that Behavior Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment couldn’t seem to keep the doors open on this particular game.

Bethesda and the developers of this mobile title found themselves in a protracted legal dispute over claims that Behavior Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment had ripped off Fallout Shelter and related properties to create Westworld Mobile. ethesda decided to sue Westworld Mobile developer Behavior Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment due to these claims that aspects of Fallout Shelter, including source code, had been stolen.

Both Fallout Shelter and Westworld Mobile were developed by the same company, Behavior Interactive, so it’s not impossible that something like this could happen. The resulting disputes were pretty serious apparently, with it even coming out that some of the same bugs existed in both games. This meant that the overall outcome was never really in question. And while it wasn’t explicitly stated, it’s reasonable to assume that these legal battles had a major impact on this decision to shutter the game.

The companies involved did manage to settle with undisclosed terms earlier in 2018, perhaps this closure was part of that deal?

The game was taken off the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android during this past week, with the game shutting down completely in April 2019. It’s only been a few months since the game launched, so there’s some fans that will be disappointed by this announcement, but them’s the breaks sometimes.

Here’s the full announcement from the official Twitter:

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