How to find the Legendary Iwakta Panther in Red Dead Online

How to find the Legendary Iwakta Panther in Red Dead Online

The new Legendary Hunt quest is live in RDO. It’s time to hunt down the Legendary Iwakta Panther, hiding deep in the southern swamps. Last time we went loaded for Moose, this time we’re after something much faster. And make no mistake, this clawed cat is just as deadly.

Part of this involves completing the entry for the Legendary Iwakta Panther in the Animal Field Guide. You need to track, kill, skin, and photograph the animal to get credit for completing the entry. It’s all part of the Naturalist Role, so if that’s your preferred playstyle, it’s time to pay attention. The mission will be available for everyone regardless of Harriet’s current rotation, so you should be able to choose it from the available choices.

Like the other Legendary Hunts, you’re headed back to Harriet to get notified about the new hunt. A short cutscene will play before the hunt begins. The quest begins with you speeding into the swamps to find the beast. Follow the mini-map looking for the yellow markers that denote clues.

You start by lurking around Braithwaite Manor and following the clues, follow the clues to the left along the orchard, and eventually, you will land in the hunting grounds for the Panther. There will be other normal panthers about in this area, so be very careful about stopping to examine clues. Eventually you will happen upon a poacher camp and get a short cinematic introducing the beast.

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This first mission will allow you to find the preying grounds of the beast, but you don’t have to take it down right now. You will get multiple shots at taking the creature down, as well as getting the photos for the compendium. Don’t be upset if you don’t get it right away. If you want to get the blood Sample, use sedative ammo. To get the pelt, use a lethal ammo type.

Completing these tasks will unlock a powerful new bow that can be crafted with legendary parts for some serious hunting power. There are also various unique garments that can be crafted with parts from the Legendary Iwakta Panther.

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