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Layers of Fear 2 out on Switch, on sale

Layers of Fear 2 slithers onto Nintendo Switch

To celebrate the launch of Layers of Fear 2 on the Nintendo Switch, Dreamloop Games and Bloober Team have managed to put together some deals for those that want the game. You have two options to take advantage of.

Layers of Fear 2 on the Switch is basically the same as the PC version in terms of story. Fans get a bunch more of the intense psychological horror from the first game, with an entirely new setting. The painter’s role and story from the first game have been replaced with a musician motif this time around. Players find themselves trapped on a seemingly haunted ocean liner this time around. And if the first game was anything to go by, things are definitely not what they seem.

The added bonus of horror icon Tony Todd as a voice role for one of the main antagonists is a great stylistic choice. The presence brought to the game through his performance is captivating. Can you survive this horrifying vision that the director has for you?

No physical release here though, at least not for the discount. You can get your deal one of two ways. The game is normally priced at $29.99 and will be on sale until the end of the month. Anyone who buys it on the Switch Nintendo eShop can get a special 10% launch discount from now through May 31. Also, if you own Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear: Legacy and/or Observer on Switch can get a 20% off deal. And no, you cannot combine the two offers. So it looks like most people can get it for 10% off the sticker price of $29.99.

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Check out the trailer for the Switch port down below.

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