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SoulCalibur VI trailer shows off basic combat

SoulCalibur VI - Combat Tutorial Trailer

Bandai Namco has just released another gameplay trailer for SoulCalibur VI. This newest bit of promo footage is all about the combat, which as one would expect, is the core focus in this chaotic fighting game. The combat looks really stylish and frenetic, just as fans of the Soul franchise would expect.

This video is the latest in the sort-of-tutorial/introductory Souls and Swords video series produced for the game, the first of which you can see over here. That trailer focuses on story, this one is all about brutal combat.

There’s a lot of detail about the control scheme and how it translates into various in-game systems and mechanics. The 8-way directional system and jump mechanics are shown off first, mostly focusing on evasion and defensive moves, but there is a bit about attacking in there as well. The video runs through a lot of other systems in this fighting game. And since it’s a tactical game, offense, defense and combos are vitally important. Players will need to make use of all of these, as well as new systems like the cinematic Reversal Edge, in order to overcome their opponents. It’s all pretty useful for new fans just getting into the series, or for gamers who want to shake the rust off.

In other SoulCalibur VI news, Bandai Namco just released a trailer for the strange new community-created character to join the roster, Wizard Lizard.

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Of course this new addition makes up the latest of a significant number of new and returning characters for SoulCalibur VI. Characters like Cervantes, Raphael and Tira have already been announced. Azwel,  the magic-fueled lunatic is joining in on the fun as well. Older characters like Astaroth are getting a new lease on life too. Ivy and Zasalamel are joining the fray as well, because everyone is just coming out of the woodwork on this one. You can check out more of the roster over here.

You could also check out some other gameplay footage of the singleplayer game, as well as as the story mode Libra of Soul.

SoulCalibur VI will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19th, 2018. Check out the gameplay trailer for the game down below.

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