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LGM releases first technical update for Starpoint Gemini 3

Starpoint Gemini 3 Announced

Little Green Men (LGM) Games is hard at work on their next game, Starpoint Gemini 3. And since this is one of their most ambitious projects ever, the team is putting a ton of effort into making this latest space sim into a masterpiece of both gameplay and technical prowess. To that end, LGM is putting a bunch of tweaks into place in order to boost visual quality and performance.

These improvements reach all the way down to the base code of the engine, and manifest in a variety of ways.

Being that Starpoint Gemini 3 is a singleplayer RPG, players will want to see some really impressive gameplay, and equally stunning visuals, in order to keep them engaged with both the world and the story. The three system layout and vast open nature of the stars before you will definitely appeal to the exploration-minded gamer, but what about graphical nuts? Well, LGM is ramping up a bunch of effects and adding improvements to the backend of Starpoint Gemini 3 to make things prettier. For one thing, explosion effects and particle rendering are being changed make them much more versatile and unique, whereas in previous games explosion effects were a bit dull.

And gameplay is also getting a pass of improvement as well, one of the new ways that LGM is making combat more engaging is by implementing longitudinal movement for a variety of space ships, while also boosting the maneuverability of smaller capital ships like Corvettes. This should help with survivability in large fleet battles, which was a challenge in other games in the franchise.

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If you want to learn more about this game, go take a look at the first developer diary, talking all about story and setting. Did we mention that LGM is bringing on a new lead writer “with extensive experience in Star Wars and Marvel,” in order to craft a compelling narrative? You could also go take a look at the announcement trailer while you’re here.

Starpoint Gemini 3 is still very early in production, and as such, doesn’t have a firm release date yet. Although we expect more details as part of future installments in this developer blog series. In the meantime, go learn more about the game by going to the official site, or checking it out on Steam.

Source: LGM Games on Steam

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