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World Rally Championship 8 details Career Mode in new trailer

WRC 8 Career Mode Trailer

Bigben Interactive and KT Racing have just unleashed the latest traielr for the premier rally racing title of 2019, World Rally Championship 8.

In this new trailer, the spotlight is all on the revamped career mode in the newest game. The developer is pushing things in a simulation-heavy direction. In essence, World Rally Championship 8 offers an experience much more akin

A lot of the career mode is built around the idea of completely revamping the mode compared to previous games. The player is being placed in a much more forward position this time around, with a much-improved focus on both the realism of the simulation and the immersion of running a racing team. From dealing with research and development on their vehicles, the teem then has to deal with all of the minutia of day-to-day operations. Developing and testing new tech will be a core part of the career mode as well.

Players also have to manage the scheduling and training of their team members. Each team member also has skill sets that must be honed as well. And pairing team members and drivers with those that most compliment their skills is crucial too.

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Taking off from that starting point, WRC 8 pushes the player to adapt to changes with both the other teams and racing conditions on race day. KT Racing as a developer has buried a ton of depth into this system, offering lots of replay value as well. And with  50 teams, 14 rallies and more than 100 special stages, the latest rally outing is offering the most depth of any WRC title ever.

WRC 8 will be due out for PC, Xbox One and PS4 this September. Check out the new trailer for the racing title down below.

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