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How to rank up Custom Delivery clients in Final Fantasy XIV

How to unlock Custom Deliveries in Final Fantasy XIV

Custom Deliveries in Final Fantasy XIV are pretty important to gatherers and crafters. You simply meet up with an NPC and bring them the items they request for each quest. Once you do that, you earn a special reward like Gil or Scrips. Each NPC you encounter has their won unique set of requirements each week for different items.

So when you spot the NPC, be sure to check them out if you’re grinding out these Custom Deliveries in Final Fantasy XIV. You can see an NPC on the mini-map or in-game map, check below for an example.

Custom Delivery NPC FF XIV

So the system is not just as simple as just doing missions. The MMO offers plenty of options to upgrade and get some new rewards. But beyond just doing missions for them, you can unlock better rewards as well. You can rank up Custom Delivery clients to gain access to more rare drops and gathering nodes, making for better rewards.

How to rank up Custom Delivery clients in FF XIV

The best way to upgrade a client early on is just to keep working for them. The more quests you do over successive weeks, the better rewards they offer. Pay attention to the heart value above their portrait to see what level they’re on. Each Delivery NPC will have a range of values they can exist in. The lower tiers offer lesser rewards and fewer of them, while the higher tiers equate to more rewards. You can a lot of extra gil and EXP this way, it’s pretty great. Make sure to keep an eye on the Custom Deliveries tab within the Timers section to see what level NPCs are at as well.

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The best way to rank up Custom Delivery clients is to turn in the rarest items. This means usually going for the items with the highest Collectability rating. Collectability is basically a measure of the rating in the gathering attempt it takes to claim the item from its relevant node. The better your gear and the more buffs you can apply, the better your resulting rating.

So if you want to raise that satisfaction level as fast as possible, focus on getting a hardcore gathering set first for your chosen classes. The more high-level gathering and crafting jobs you have, the better you will be when starting the Custom Deliveries. As you complete more and more, you will be able to get a bunch of really nice items for all that work.

Every time you get the rank to go up on a client, you also get a special reward. You can also get a unique reward for some NPCs. There are certain NPCs that will allow you to glamour your gear for free, which is cool. Zhloe Aliapoh, Kai’Shirr, Adkiragh, and Kurenai can all do this, so try upgrading them if that’s something you’re interested in. You can also earn some bonus items like food and materia for your work too.

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