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Marvel’s Spider-Man has a “launch trailer”

Marvel’s Spider-Man Launch Trailer

Yes, that title is accurate, Insomniac Games and Sony just released a launch trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man. And yes, it’s kind of weird that a game that’s more than a few weeks from release has a launch trailer. It’s mostly a cinematic-heavy trailer, so it’s kind of light on actual gameplay. But if you’re a fan of Spider Man who is excited about Marvel’s Spider-Man, then you probably don’t mind.

The biggest of what gameplay there is on the web-swinging movement that’s the core of the game. And since it’s an iconic part of the main hero, it’s exactly as smooth as one would expect it to be. And that is to say it will probably be tons of fun just to swing around in this game.

The trailer also introduces the player to a bunch of heroes, allies and villains that we’ll meet throughout the course of the game. On the side of evil, there’s Silver Sable, Mister Negative, The Kingpin and Rhino. The good guys have ole’s Spidey, Aunt May and Miles Morales, among others.

Check out the trailer down below. If you’re interested, you should also check out the PS4 Pro bundle being put out for this game. Marvel’s Spider-Man lands on September 7th exclusively for PS4.

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