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The Xbox Series X has 8K resolution capability

Xbox Series X

A newly leaked image of the main processor for the new Xbox Series X has revealed an interesting detail. Assuming this is a legitimate  picture of the CPU assembly for the new Microsoft console, there’s a few details that have just been confirmed. It’s very likely that it’s real considering it comes from when Phil Spencer, head of the company’s Xbox division, recently made a change to his Twitter avatar.

Engraved on the chipset are a couple different things. For one, we see a model number. There’s also an emblazoned 8K mark, which suggests that the console supports the 8K resolution and 120 FPS mark that Microsoft touted when the console was first announced. Finally, “Project Scarlett,” can also be seen on the chip. I have a hard time believing that. 8K in itself is actually just a marketing term, and there are very few 8K displays even on the market. Most of the 8K displays on the market are larger TVs with massive pricetags.

The current consensus from Microsoft’s marketing is that the “target” for Seriex X games will be 4k at 60 FPS.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft indicated its confidence in Xbox resolution on its chipset. Previously, the company engraved the word “4K” on its Xbox One X processor.

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According to Destructoid, AMD, helped Microsoft design the chip package, will host a Consumer Electronics Show keynote from Las Vegas at 2PM PDT. Check back then to see more of what we’re getting from the new Xbox console. We do know that the new Scarlett console will have great backwards compatibility. There will also be expanded controller functions on the platform.

It’s unclear if the cheaper and lower-spec Xbox Lockhart will be able to hit this resolution mark. Since the Xbox Series X is actually a moniker for the whole product line, this lesser console will likely aim for 4K at a minimum. Although this is purely speculation. We’re probably going to learn more when we get closer to the launch date of the Xbox Series X later in 2020.

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