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Google Stadia will have some stiff competition from new Xbox and PS5

Google Stadia

The next generation of the console wars are heating up already, and the new gaming platforms aren’t even out yet. Sony and Microsoft will have a lot of ground to make up for as the nature of the games industry, and consumer habits, change in this coming generation. As Google Stadia, the new streaming service for games, comes onto the market, it will allow people to use existing devices to play what could potentially be any game in existence.

Google Stadia isn’t actually a games console, not really, it’s more of a website and app that allows gamers to use their PCs and other devices to stream games. The competency Google shows in marketing, supporting and maintaining the service will definitely help determine just how well the thing succeeds. If the company manages to bring plenty of interesting exclusive while avoiding pitfalls like service failures, then they may just stand a chance against the titans of Sony and Microsoft, although not everyone is convinced.

In a new interview, Frederik Schreiber, the vice president of Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms, said that the new streaming service “isn’t relevant at this point.” Schreiber also said that the new Sony and Microsoft offerings will be easier to work on and develop games for. Perhaps this is down to the pedigree and usability experience that the two more established gaming divisions have developed over the years. Google will no doubt have some growing pains, but if they manage to integrate a massive library of past and future titles into one platform, they will have a huge advantage.

The graphical power and game libraries of the PS5 and new Xbox will absolutely pose a challenge for Google Stadia though. Although price may determine their market saturation, as Google Stadia could turn out to be the more affordable option for those with fast enough internet access. Only time will tell exactly what happens though, and with E3 2019 season fast approaching, we can expect to see more of these three mammoth contenders and what they plan to bring to the  brawl for console supremacy.

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There’s still a ton of speculation which surrounds all of these new options, and gamers eagerly await more news about what the future of console gaming will be. What do you think of these new platforms? Let us know in the comments below.

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