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Total War: WARHAMMER III officially announced, releases in late 2021


The Realms of Chaos and Man come to war again later this year. Total War: WARHAMMER III has come. Creative Assembly and Sega have dropped major teasers and news about the new game already. And now we finally have a new trailer. The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but we can draw conclusions based on it. Most importantly, we have some confirmation about some of the changes coming to the series, as well as new factions for the RTS.

The core focus of the game remains the grand warfare, but things are shifting to a darker, more chaotic tone. The war has gotten more desperate, and things are pretty rough. The Legions of Chaos grow stronger, and the campaign story and tone will be reflective of that in the final game. As Sega put it, the story will focus more on Chaos and its impact in Total War: WARHAMMER III.

“Embarking on a new grand campaign, you will be tasked with saving or exploiting the power of a dying god,” Sega wrote in its announcement. “Each race offers a unique journey through the nightmarish Chaos Realm, culminating in an endgame that will determine the fate of the world.”

Check out the reveal trailer down below.

The game will once again deal with the massive Warhammer Fantasy setting, and players will get a ton of freedom within that setting.

The trailer, seen above, teases a few recognizable Daemon princes, as well as a few nods to human heroes from the lore. As for what factions are coming, we will have to wait for more to get a full list, but we have some guesses. We of course can guess that Kislev and Cathay have already been confirmed by the devs. Having Kislev and Cathay means that the team is moving into an expanded realm of source material, as these two are not from the Old World content directly. This will give the final game more freedom in what factions they can implement. A big reason for this is that the Old World material that the previous games in the series were based on was replaced with the Age of Sigmar material a few years back. This would lead to a refresh of new factions heading into the war in Total War: WARHAMMER III.

So who else is coming to join the fun?

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The trailers also confirm that Chaos factions will be in the game. There are also some unit teases that hint at a few monster races as well. Various sources have figured out that both Ogres and Hobgoblins will be in the game in some form. There are of course more to come, but we need more confirmation on the rest of the roster first.

The big reveal also hinted at a more defined split among Chaos forces. The reveal trailer hints that all four of the major Dark Gods of Chaos will be represented, and the accompanying announcement confirms that each will get its own faction. So that means that Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Nurgle will all have their own units. This would all seem to suggest that Chaos-corrupted factions might also be a big part of the game, although that remains unconfirmed.

Total War: WARHAMMER III will release for PC on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

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