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Risk of Rain 2 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch

Risk of Rain 2 is Out

Gearbox may be getting a lot of hype from the oncoming release of Borderlands 3, but that’s not the only thing the company is working on. Their newest publishing effort is for Risk of Rain 2, a surprise sequel dropping after PAX West, one that a lot of people didn’t seem to see coming.

The game is all about one thing, survival, but not in the gather resources to mine blocks sense though. Risk of Rain 2 wants the player to engage with the deceptively simple mechanics on a deeper level.

Risk of Rain 2 challenges the player to explore, but to do so carefully. the 3D roguelike will absolutely kick you in the teeth if you give it the chance. “When you land in Risk of Rain 2, the enemies will likely kick your butt, but in a fair way. Pay close attention and you’ll see patterns everywhere. You learn. You grow. You get better. Eventually taking down enormous bosses to push ever deeper into the planet’s mysteries,” explained rand manager for Gearbox Publishing Nathaniel Wattenmaker.

The game will allow for four player co-op, with each player choosing from seven different survivor classes, there is a rather refreshing amount of depth and strategy to how you compose your adventuring party in this game. The action itself is more fluid than one would normally expect from a procedural game. The biomes you encounter are all visually distinct, and all offer their own unique hidden dangers. How you deal with these challenges involves a mix of skill and careful planning. If you go in unprepared, be ready to get your butt handed to you.

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Part of that preparation involves careful consideration for what kind of gear to bring into the fight as well, offering a wonderfully depthful level of customization on top of the base class choice.

Check out the launch trailer for the game down below. If you want to learn more about Risk of Rain 2, check out the full blog on the game.

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