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If you ordered from GameStop, you might be waiting a while

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GameStop and their shipping partners in the US seem to be having a moment. Customers all over the US are furious at GameStop shipping delays, but it turns out someone else dropped the ball. So let’s dig into the issue and see what’s going on.

GameStop used to have an agreement with UPS and other carriers like USPS to handle packages ordered from its stores and warehouses to customers. The new agreement with FedEx is not going over well. There are reports going back months of users not getting packages, having said packages go missing, you name it. And now, the problem has just gotten worse.

As of today, there has been an order handed down to stores across the nation that FedEx will refuse to pick up packages at various locations. The GSO (internal communication tool for stores) has been updated as of 8:30 CST on Dec. 9 that FedEx will have to delay orders. The GameStop site has been updated with a generic order hinting at some shipping delays. But the thing that order doesn’t tell you is that the delay is likely going to be much longer than a few days.

GameStop shipping delays causing major headaches

The more insulting element is that the employees at GameStop stores are expected to pick up the slack, mostly by manually carrying packages to local shipping centers and stores. So if you’re a store lead with 200 packages on hold, you now have to cart those across town and haul them into a postal office. “I’m interested to see how I’m supposed to make it to the post office before 5 on single coverage,” said an anonymous employee on the GameStop employee subreddit.

The length of the delay isn’t specified, but sources have guessed that it could last weeks, as FedEx and other carriers struggle to cope with the massive delays caused by record online shopping.

It would appear that this whole mess is due to a shift toward FedEx by corporate bean counters. Whoever decided the middle of a pandemic was the best time for a major infrastructure shift is a real genius. This policy has caused major confusion and anger, among customers and employees alike—which is completely justified, as the employees shouldn’t have to be the ones bearing the brunt of this.

Keep in mind that during all of this, GameStop has been going through a full revamp trying to stave off financial collapse; and then you throw big game launches like Cyberpunk 2077 into the mix, you can expect plenty of chaos and angry people. This is the exact character of decision I would expect from a company that tried to forcibly remain open in the early stages of a deadly pandemic. Also, it’s the same company that tried to make employees dance for working hours.

In short, if you ordered from GameStop, and have the option to pick up the order in a local store, take it, but only if you can do it safely. If you have the option to cancel your order, which you must do before it’s marked as shipped, you should do that and try getting it somewhere else.

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