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How to break hearts in Borderlands 3’s Broken Hearts event

Borderlands 3 announces Broken Hearts Day

The Borderlands 3 Broken Hearts Event is live today, bringing some new loot to the Borderlands 3 community, provided that they can shatter enough hearts. So why would you do this? Simple, you will earn some special weapons and skins for doing so. The trick is that there’s a pretty large hoop to jump through to unlock the five special new rewards.

First, before you ever start breaking hearts, you need to enable the event. The main menu toggle for that should show up when you load into the game, so it’s not hard. Once the Borderlands 3 Broken Hearts Event is on, get moving. Start shattering hearts at your leisure. The rewards for destroying hearts during the event are:

  • 10 – “ECHOcardiogram” Echo Skin
  • 25 – “Cosmic Romance” weapon trinket
  • 50 – Terminal Polyaimorous” Legendary Maliwan SMG
  • 75 “Heartbreaker” Vault Hunter Skin
  • 100 – “Wedding Invitation” Legendary Jakobs Sniper Rifle

100 Hearts is a lot of shattering, so here’s the best way to make sure you get those 100 Hearts broken as fast as possible. You have until February 20th to destroy these Hearts, so get going.

The core mechanic of this new Borderlands 3 Broken Hearts Event is breaking hearts by simply shooting them. Trouble is, the spawns of these floating targets are pretty random and will happen on any enemy or boss. players will see a number of different colors, which is something that you must pay attention to.

The different colored hearts have unique effects. Some of these hearts will break and apply their effects, like turning former enemies into allies for the player. Others might also spawn a burning ring of fire. And keep in mind, the Hearts explode when destroyed, doing extra AoE damage. When you destroy a heart, Maurice will make a comment over the radio, so keep an ear out for that to let you know. Also, each Heart provides a small shower of level-appropriate loot, so it’s a nice incentive.

And if you want to see a video that shows this process in action, check it out below.

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