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Demon’s Souls on PS5 Announced

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

Demon’s Souls on PS5 just got announced during the PS5 reveal today. The trailer appeared online a little bit later, and some very interesting info was found. The description for the trailer gave away a lot of details. Not only will gamers get massively improved graphics, but also a new gameplay mode. The game isn’t being remade by FromSoftware, but instead it’s being “rebuilt from the ground up” by Bluepoint Games.

The game looks to be mostly the same. Although it did suggest some pretty substantial new features. Namely, there could be ray tracing and enhanced shadow effects across the entire game. Demon’s Souls kicked off the legendary Souls series, and seeing it come back is really cool. The new gameplay mode is cool, but it’s very mysterious.

According to some sources, there’s not only a new set of graphical modes. Two new visual modes will take the original graphical style and brighten the whole thing up. It looks a lot shinier and brings the look of the classic game to a more modern feel. Some fans might feel a little miffed about this though, given that it looks very different. Check out some of the Tweets below for more visual indications of what this will look like.

Check out the trailer for the remaster PS5 version down below.

What is Fractured Mode?

Shown in Nible’s first post and on Reddit, the original description on the YouTube trailer described a “Fractured Mode.” Those details were later removed. The name suggests that it could be some kind of remix mode. Think like mods for the Souls games that change boss layouts and item drops. It could be that this PS5 remaster takes a cue from that style. This is however pure speculation.

Is Demon’s Souls a PS5 exclusive?

Yes, in simple terms, it’s expected that Demon’s Souls on PS5 will be a PS5 exclusive. It doesn’t make sense for Sony and FromSoftware to break their agreements around pushing the PS5. The game may end up being a timed exclusive, coming to the Xbox Series X sometime in the future. Given that the 2009 PS3 version has been waiting in the wings for some time, fans will be pretty excited. Some earlier games eventually jumped to Xbox and other platforms, although later games like Bloodborne have stayed with Sony.

So when does Demon’s Souls on PS5 come out? We frankly have no idea. It could be a launch title for the console. We have no firm information for a release date yet.

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